Konnect measures your customer traffic and speed of service at every stage of service delivery. Identify traffic volumes, dwell times, services times and bottlenecks due to staffing, equipment in operation, procedures, space constraints, local weather and other factors. Compare the performance of each of your business locations and each point of service against your goals at any time of the day. Establish and monitor best practices to ensure the line keeps moving and you achieve consistent operational excellence and profitability. 



  • Measures customer traffic, dwell times, queue times and duration at each point of service
  • Calculates queue abandonment events and related revenue loss
  • Supports any customer service workflow with unlimited points of service
  • Issues queue performance alerts via SMS or email
  • Reports activity on real-time dashboards or via API
  • Works indoors or outdoors

Konnect works indoors or outdoors and supports any customer service workflow with unlimited of points of service,