Ensure that lines at check-in and security screening keep moving. Know specifically when and where bottlenecks occur. Is it at baggage check-in at the airline counter or at one or more stages of the passenger or baggage security screening process?  What resources do you need and when do you need them to keep the line moving? Konnect can measure the time that travelers spend waiting at any segment of the airport experience in real-time and identify the type of personnel or equipment resources needed to speed it up. 




  • Identifies precisely where bottlenecks occur in screening process

  • Dashboards for Speed of Service, Traffic and Performance Exceptions

  • Easy to understand letter grade performance rating

  • Integrates with airline travel apps and airport information displays


Keep travelers informed with up to the minute details of their itinerary throughout their journey. Deliver mobile updates to passengers inside and outside the terminal and automatically inform passengers each time they step off the plane–all without a mobile app. Link to the traveler's itinerary to provide details of everything that passengers need to know, from departure updates, to connecting flight information, gate changes, lounge information, delays due to aircraft readiness, weather and more. Publish terminal wait time information in mobile apps to inform travelers when to depart to the airport so they can avoid lines and board their aircraft without feeling stressed from not knowing what to expect. 


  • No app to download or customer Internet access required

  • Automatically recognizes returning customers at any location

  • Dashboards track customers by location, frequency and activity

  • Integrates with airline travel apps

  • Notifies customer when to depart to airport to avoid lines