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Deliver shoppers personalized brand engagement to influence their purchase decisions at the store shelf. Share coupons, product promotions, HD video, in-store specials or other content on merchants’ apps at the moment of truth when shoppers come in close proximity to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that correspond to featured products. Brands can increase sales and ongoing loyalty by dynamically increasing the value of coupons the longer that shoppers watch a video or by sharing offers on social media.


  • Deliver personalized content based on purchase and engagement history

  • Control volume and frequency of brand engagements per store visit

  • Dynamically increase offer value based on completing video views or sharing on social media

  • Automatically save and stack coupons to streamline checkout

  • Captures 12 detailed brand engagement metrics (notifications, clicks, views, durations, actions)

  • Enables remote content updates on-demand by store location


Create personalized, mobile connections with customers each time they visit your store–without using a mobile app or providing Internet service. Deliver coupons, product promotions, in-store specials, information videos, contests, sweepstakes or other content by inviting customers to connect to Konnect's local Wi-Fi network. Automatically recognize returning customers across all store locations the moment they arrive. Create a more personalized experience by inviting them to opt-in using their telephone number to link to your loyalty program so you can track purchases and close the loop on ads and coupon redemptions.


  • No app to download or customer Internet access required

  • Automatically recognizes returning customers at any location

  • Distributes any type of content – product offers, coupons, videos, etc.

  • Track customers by location, frequency and offer redemption

  • Integrates with loyalty systems to track and issue instant rewards


Make sure your customers are never waiting at check-out or the service counter. Measure speed of service, keep tabs on customer traffic and receive instant alerts to summon additional staff when queue times exceed your goals. Konnect can measure the time customers wait in line and how long it takes them to check-out every minute of the day so you're always on top of service demand. Rank and compare the performance of each line and each store location by a variety of metrics. Set your time-based service goals and alert conditions and we'll display continuous measurements in a suite of helpful, easy to read real-time dashboards. Create competition between locations and incentivize your staff to improve performance so you can keep customers coming back for more


  • Rank and compare performance by location and point of service

  • Dashboards for Speed of Service, Traffic and Performance Exceptions

  • Easy to understand letter grade performance rating

  • Automated alerts to summon staff when needed


Conduct on-premise surveys. Get the advantage of gathering feedback while it's fresh in the minds of your customers and mystery shoppers by completing your survey that's only valid while they are on-premise. Automatically match quantified speed of service data gathered from Queue Management with survey responses collected from guest and mystery shoppers. Compare responses to subjective service-related questions with objective data gathered from Konnect's Wi-Fi sensors to assess customer expectations of service so you can optimize resources to ensure service excellence. Identify keywords spoken by your staff at each point of service to ensure they are following established procedures for customer service and merchandising.


  • No app to download or customer Internet access required

  • Issues unique respondent code at the POS

  • Surveys can only be completed on-premise during the visit

  • Optionally identifies service and merchandising-related words spoken by your staff at each point of service