Conduct on-premise customer and mystery shopper surveys. Get the advantage of gathering feedback while it's fresh in the minds of your customers and mystery shoppers by completing your survey that's only valid while they are on-premise. Automatically match quantified speed of service data gathered from Queue Management with survey responses collected from guest and mystery shoppers. Compare responses to subjective service-related questions with objective data gathered from Konnect's Wi-Fi sensors to assess customer expectations of service so you can optimize resources to ensure service excellence. Identify keywords spoken by your staff at each point of service to ensure they are following established procedures for customer service and merchandising.


  • No app to download or customer Internet access required

  • Issues unique respondent code at the POS

  • Surveys can only be completed on-premise during the visit

  • Optionally identifies service and merchandising-related words spoken by your staff at each point of service


Measure customer traffic and speed of service at every stage of service delivery.  Whether you operate a restaurant, retail store or other businesses where success depends on customer satisfaction, Konnect can measure the time customers take at and between each point of service. Set your time-based service goals and alert conditions and we'll display continuous measurements in a suite of helpful, easy to read real-time dashboards. We reveal everything about the performance of your customer line, staffing and work processes every minute of the day. Rank and compare the performance of each point of service and each location by metrics that that affect your bottom line. Create competition between locations and incentivize your staff to improve performance so you can keep customers coming back for more.


  • Rank and compare performance by location and point of service

  • Dashboards for Speed of Service, Traffic and Performance Exceptions

  • Easy to understand letter grade performance rating

  • Automated alerts to summon staff when needed